Technicity 2018 | Modernization through Innovation

How the City of Toronto embraces technology to drive change
Dec. 12, 2018 - Arcadian Court, 401 Bay St, Toronto

9:00 am 
Welcome and opening remarks

9:10 am
Transportation Panel
Using big data to solve the cities mobility issues. Topics include a driverless truck pilot, autonomous vehicles and managing transit woes with coordinated traffic lights.

9:50 am 
Toronto’s Civic Innovation Office: Innovation from the grass roots
Paula Kwan will talk about presentation about the projects and opportunities of Toronto’s externally funded innovation office.

10:25 am 
Nutrition break

10:40 am
Customer case study

10:55 am
Leading the charge panel: Five cool tech projects setting Toronto apart
This panel will discuss the challenge of being a private sector leader and how small projects can lead to big differences. Cool projects: Wi-fi to assist in homelessness; technology to reduce child poverty: alternative payment systems: drones in use by Toronto Water; and wi-fi by asset sharing.

11:45 am
Networking lunch

12:45 pm
Toronto’s Got IT Awards of Excellence

2:00 pm  
Visit the Solution Centre and Displays

2:30 pm 

3:30 pm